Our Expertise in

Artificial Intelligence

Behavior Analysis for Dogs and Cats

Project Goals and Accomplishments

According to the Department of Agriculture of Korea, 1 out of 4 families owns pets. This explosive trend in pet culture in Korea has also accelerated growth in service demand for pets. Because owners want to understand and communicate with their pets, we have built a dedicated database and technology. ‌ ‌We have constructed a database that has up to 5 Million+ images that last up to 500 hours worth of movie clips of pets’ behavior. We have built an optimized AI model using specified hallmark points of pets (Eyes, ears, joins, and tails). ‌Now we are in the process of crafting software that predicts the behavior of cats and dogs.

Drone Flight Data Application Research

Project Goals and Accomplishments

‌Drone use is taking over many aspects of modern industries. Rooted in our expertise in image processing, we are using drone image/movie data to recognize groups or individuals who are walking.
‌Also through our developing model, we can trace where the individual is going.
‌Furthermore, we have established a system to analyze from behaviors of an individual/group.