Smart InsoleTM

Smart Insole

By keeping your eye on the pressure and temperature changes in your feet, let us guard your foot health!
Our Smart Insole application has a built-in Deep Learning (DL) Algorithm to constantly refer to existing medical data to assess your feet's condition.
‌With our Smart Insole feet health solution, your likelihood of getting 10 different foot-related diseases can be assessed.

The 14 Sensors

Our Smart Insole consists of 9 pressure sensors and 5 temperature sensors.
With these two biophysical parameters, assessing the proneness of having 10 different foot-related diseases is achievable.


Biophysical data collected from the sensors are then fed to our well-trained DL system so that they can be tested on existing medical data.
10 Diseases and bad habits that we are connecting with are shown below.

- Diabetic foot                         - Herniated disc
- Scoliosis                                 - Turtle neck
- Kyphosis                                - Hallux valgus
- Neck disc                               - Bow Leg
- Arthritis                                  - Flatfoot

Our Mobile Application

10 disease algorithms show the percentage of disease occurrence.
When you walk and stand within 20 minutes of the day, 

the app can measure the foot's data through and transfer it to the data server.
It also shows users' daily, weekly, and monthly data as statistics.
we will be soon released in Google Play Store and App Store.