FSR (Force Sensitive Resistor)

FSR stands for Force Sensitive Resistor and is kind of sensor that uses a property that changes resistance values according to physical force.
Most of these are used in hardware that implements pressure strength, and this technology enables the production of a variety of products.
 If any hardware includes a large number of sensors, depending on your technical skills,
there may be differences in the speed or reliability at which your data is visualized.
We are currently conducting R&D on upgrading sensors for faster and more accurate sensing.


Deep learning is a specific area of machine learning that has the strength to gradually learn meaningful expressions on a continuous layer.

  In a new way of learning expression from data, the differences from other machine learning can be seen as self-learning by the machine. This means that machine can automatically learn important patterns and rules from large data and predict other data based on them.

  The important thing about deep learning in healthcare is having multiple clinical data, and we are in the process of data agreements with several hospitals. Through this, we are trying to develop a model that can predict diseases in advance.